CECCHI DE ROSSI was founded in 2010 by Tommaso Cecchi de’ Rossi. More than just a nostalgic tribute to the sensual manual work of craftsmanship, CECCHI DE ROSSI represents a fascination for contemporary alchemy and a natural transformation process, conducting pure materials into bags and accessories.

All CECCHI DE ROSSI products are made by hand in Tuscany, Italy. Each item is developed as a unique and significant product, crafted from selected vegetable tanned leather and naturally dyed using the patented “Pellevino treatment”, a process that involves the colouring of materials with wine and other natural extracts. Any imperfections in the material are characteristic of this natural, untreated leather. CECCHI DE ROSSI products will age beautifully and signs of wear will enhance the natural beauty of the finest vegetable tanned leather used.


At the end of the 17th century the Grand-duke of Tuscany declared Pescia "City of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany". The economy of the town was founded on mulberry cultivation and silkworm breeding. In the 19th century the silk production was so important that Pescia was called "the little Manchester of Tuscany". The economy of the town dropped after a commercial conflict between France and Italy in 1888. The passage of Napoleon highly damaged the economy of the city, because he substituted silk with sugar beet. Since 1925 Pesciatins found an alternative economic source in cultivating and trading flowers and olive plants (since the end of the 19th century).