it's time to enter the workshop
of the finest Italian leather artisans

We were born and bred in Italy and always had the opportunity to visit the workshops of our amazing local leather artisans. When you pass through their doors, it’s like entering into a timeless space. The smell of leather pervades your nose. The tools, the machines, the whole set up immediately recalls one thing: it’s all handcrafted, piece by piece, from a raw piece of leather. And then there is the ability, the technique, the tradition of working with this particular textile that Italians have passed down through generations, from fathers to sons.

Armadio about us


Italian leather artisans are known to be the best in the world, and big fashion houses know it too. 90% of all luxury fashion goods are manufactured in Italy at these small workshops. The great fashion icons, including Chanel, Prada, and Gucci all have their leather goods crafted by Italian artisans.



But there’s more. These artisans also manufacture their own collections, using the same great textiles and techniques that are used by famous luxury brands, with fair prices and astonishing quality. Italians shop these collections at local multi brands stores, and we were no exception.


Years later, when we moved to the USA, we figured out that this opportunity is only available in Italy. Additionally, local Italian craftsmen are great makers but not sellers. They have no access to distribution and are slowly forced to work exclusively for the big brands, who are able to control the market and over price these beautiful products to make them more exclusive and less accessible.



This is the reason why we decided to create Armadio and open their workshops to the world by bringing their amazing leather products directly to the American market: providing authentic, high-quality leather goods that you could normally only find by walking the streets of Tuscany yourself, at 70% the retail price.




At the same time, we’re also giving these artisans a chance to finally distribute their products abroad, at a fair price.